"My practice is concerned with contemporary portraiture through the languages of painting and drawing. The work is a personal and expressive one that reflects my concerns of the human condition and the understanding of the self and its identity. During the process a visual dialogue is formed between the materials and myself, in that the images and ideas are never fixed and instead are born from a place beyond the rational.

Themes that emerge from the work are abstractions of the human face that are suggestive of mutilation and disfigurement. They become outcasts of society that contain psyches of bewilderment and melancholy with a sense of loss. There is an uncertainty of themselves and their place in this overwhelming world - fears that are personal to myself but hope we can all connect with."

Will Reid lives and works in London. He completed a MA in Fine Art at UAL: Chelsea College of Arts and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Norwich University College of the Arts. He has exhibited in London and across East Anglia.